Ukon Appliance is the center of post-warranty service and Wolf appliance repair Los Angeles, as well as a professional adviser on proper use and care. Qualified specialists constantly improve their skills by mastering advanced technologies and innovations in the production of Wolf appliances. This allows us to be the best in the field of after-warranty service of Wolf Appliance repair Los Angeles. Ukon Appliance offers the best value to its customers for a high quality service provided. 

Wolf appliance repair Los Angeles starts with determining the problem. Technician will partially disassemble your commercial appliance and diagnose a unit, identify the problem and replace the faulty parts.

If you notice any changes with your appliance- don’t wait until they go away with time. Most likely, it will  eventually lead to expensive and major repairs in the future. ByiInviting our company for a comprehensive diagnosis, you will save on the subsequent Wolf appliance repair Los Angeles. Our service center offers a warranty on all installed parts and labor.

Our company works directly with manufacturers and distributors of spare parts for Wolf appliances in Los Angeles (including the leading brands of both domestic and import manufacturers). Such cooperation helps us to provide the lowest prices on high quality parts. 

The cost of Wolf appliance repair Los Angeles depends on the complexity of equipment failure and the cost of replacement of parts. The final cost of repairs can be made only after diagnostic. It is possible that our manager will be able to give you the approximate cost of Wolf appliance repair in Los Angeles based on your description of the failure. But in practice, our techs prefer to examine the appliance and then draw conclusions about the cost and feasibility of repair. Having great experience working with our clients, we offer very favorable terms of cooperation, affordable prices and short repair times. 

Please call us at (323)275-7328 and Ukon Appliance will provide the following services:

  • Wolf commercial equipment repair
  • Wolf griddles and charbroilers repair
  • Wolf ovens repair
  • Wolf restaurant ranges repair