Ukon Appliance Repair is officially factory authorized service provider for Aga, Marvel, Northland, Heartland appliances. 

Aga-Marvel it’s efficiency, reliability in operation, durability and harmony with the environment. Company use for manufacturing their products expensive materials and precision equipment.

Aga-Marvel products will become a true decoration of your home. Design of products always on a first place which was appreciated by consumers. There is no doubt that Aga-Marvel products have excellent practical features and quality, but unfortunately they can stop working as other less expensive brands. In this case we can always help.

Ukon appliance repair offers the residents of Los Angeles professional services, reasonable prices, and a guarantee of high quality and safety in the subsequent operation of your appliances. Service technicians of Marvel appliance repair in Los Angeles are equipped with modern tools for diagnostics and repair, original accessories and spare parts. Trusting us with your appliances, you give it in the hands of professionals. We know everything about Aga appliance repair in Los Angeles and want to experience of our techs has been useful to you. If you need a quality Aga-Marvel appliance repair in Los Angeles or other brands in a short time – call us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the professional service. Your home helpers will be like new!

Our goal is constantly evolving, so we strive to meet modern standards of service.

When ordering Aga appliance repair service, you can schedule appointment at any time convenient for you. Affordable prices for Aga-Marvel appliance repair in Los Angeles are formed on the basis of loyalty to each client.

Satisfied customers – this is the best reward for our work.


Ukon Appliance provides repair of Aga, Marvel, Northland, and Heartland commercial and household appliances:


-Marvel refrigerators;

-Aga refrigerators;

-Aga ranges, including “Six-four, Pro, and Legacy” series;

-Northland refrigerators;

-Heartland ranges, including “Classic, Paragon, and Toledo” series;

-Heartland refrigerators.



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