Jackson commercail appliances repair


Jackson appliance repair in Los Angeles will be done right at your business location with original parts replacement, which helps repair of broken Jackson appliances in the shortest possible time. Note that the service professionals have gained experience in the course of long practice of repairing various commercial appliances, which is complemented by excellent knowledge of the material and the component parts of Jackson appliances. We always do Jackson appliance repair in Los Angeles by using modern tools and certified fleet of spare parts, which not only allows us to perform speedy repairs, but to provide a warranty on repaired equipment. 

It should be noted that all Jackson appliance repairs in Los Angeles are carried out according to the technical documentation of devices, their characteristics and technical features with their schematic diagrams.Call our specialists and provide a brief description of the problem, so we could help you with the repair in a timely manner.

More complex cases of Jackson appliance repair in Los Angeles are solved by conducting comprehensive diagnosis, and after a clear definition of the causes of failure we offer optimal solutions to fix the problem.

Jackson appliance repair in Los Angeles successfully developed over many years in a competitive environment, thanks to the strict focus on providing quality service to our clients.

Our company is characterized by a high level of professional services and presence of highly skilled technicians with years of experience. The cost of repairs is determined after diagnosis, which depends on the cost of parts and labor. Please note that you do not pay dagnostic fee if you do repair with us. 

Professional techs and quality parts equal quality assurance. 

Ukon Appliance provides the following Jackson appliance repair in Los Angeles:


  • Jackson commercial washers 
  • Jackson conveyor type washers
  • Jackson door type washer
  • Jackson flight washer
  • Jackson glasswashers
  • Jackson pot and pan washers 
  • Jackson undercounter washers
  • Jackson dishwashers
  • Jackson dryers                                Call us at: (323)275-7328